Music: Russian Red Army Choir – God Bless America 2012 — Verum Et Inventa

Because the reign of the Bomber Of Nations is almost over. _____ Title: God Bless America by Russian Red Star Red Army Chorus in New York (YT link) Uploaded by Aleksey Fedorov.

via Music: Russian Red Army Choir – God Bless America 2012 — Verum Et Inventa


Author: Doc Michael

Theoretical Physics Hon. PhD of Applied SpaceTime Relativity

One thought on “Music: Russian Red Army Choir – God Bless America 2012 — Verum Et Inventa”

  1. First visit by the red army chorus was a wonderful group of musicians I got to meet personally when I let them out the back door of the bus that the KGB was carefully putting them in the front door.
    Yes we got caught and they shoved them all back in the front door as I went and got a small American flag from my parked vehicle & returned as the last few musicians were being sternly herded into the front door of the band’s bus.
    This was back in the late 80s, after the wall came down & politically speaking, things were suspenseful.
    With my balls bigger than my brains, I proceeded to return to the back door of the bus that was closed, and prompt a couple of the musicians to once again open the door, which ensued in close to a dozen of the musicians coming back outside and I took the moment to give the American flag to Nicholi, one of The most outgoing of the men that I met and the smiles that greeted me.
    Yes, of course, the KGB caught us once again and fuming like madmen made sure that second batch of my new friends were more than sternly guided back onto the bus.
    Just my note, when I got to see them again just a few years ago I was hoping to recognize a few of those wonderful faces that would remind each other of the decades that had passed. Unfortunately not one face was familiar as I watched the production this 2nd and last time I expect.
    My only benefit I can think of is that the KGB may not have noticed me at this second showing either.
    I started off to tell you that the first visit of the red army choir was the very best visit there ever will be.
    God bless my friends on the other side of the political lines, there are no lines drawn between friends.
    Music and smiles create friends that last a lifetime.
    See what you can do and share your story.


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